The Top Auto Title Loan Companies in 2019

If you’re considering taking out an auto title loan to help you get through a financially difficult time, you’re probably wondering what your options are in terms of companies. Use this list to find the best online car title loan companies. If you’re living in a state that has legislation that permits car title loans its likely that the chances are there are quite a few lenders that you have available to you when seeking out financing either instore or online.

It is hard to know, however, which companies offer the best rates and take the best care of their borrowers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, have no fear, the list has been compiled to help you or you can read our guide to applying. Thanks to information on the internet, we have compiled a list of the top title loan companies right now.

This list is based off of online and brick and mortar lenders, customer and industry reviews, reputation and qualification criteria, and more.

If you are looking to streamline your process, this is great place to start. It is important to keep in mind, however, that tile loan laws to vary state to state. If you do live in a state that does not offer car title loans, it is best to look for other options.

TMG Loan Processing

TMG has been rated as the top title processor by Consumer Affairs for the last two years. They are a title loan marketplace that connects consumers to lenders free of charge. They work with you even if you don’t have great credit, and you can still qualify depending on the value of your car and the equity you have in it.

Once you submit your application, you will be offered the best loan from TMG’s network of lenders. Even though you will be offered the options, you will not be required to accept the offers presented to you. They are a leading provider of online title loans

Upon accepting a loan, you will receive your loan in one business day. They offer loans up to $50,000 and their loan terms last from 1 to 36 months.

MaxCash Title Loans

This Consumer Affairs accredited title loans referral service has served over 350K consumers with past credit issues, including bankruptcy. While the vehicle does not have to be paid off completely to qualify for a loan with MaxCash, a bulk of the loan should be paid.

By filling out your and your car’s details on their website, you can get quotes from a lender in the network that will best suit your needs. You can go through the entire process online, but if you prefer to speak with a representative, they are open seven days a week from 6am to 9pm.

To qualify, you should be prepared to provide a copy of your ID, a lien-free title to your vehicle, pictures of your car, an insurance card, and your social security number. Same day and one-day funding options are available.

Finova Financial

What separates Finova from the rest of the top title loan companies on this list is their relatively low interest rates (30% APR) compared to competitors. They offer a car equity line of credit and their loan features a 12-month payback plan, same day funding, and no prepayment penalty. Even better, it’s okay to have bad credit and you’ll be able to qualify as long as you have a lien-free car title.

Because of their longer-term payback plan they claim to cost up to 50% less than the current national average. In order to qualify your vehicle must be lien free and you have to prove that you have adequate car insurance. You must also live in either Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Oregon.

Car Title Loans 123

This company specializes in connected potential borrowers to direct lenders. This company makes it easy to get fast access to cash. If you have proof of a steady income and your car is paid off in full, you can qualify for loan worth $1,000 to $50,000. Even if you have less-than perfect credit, you should be able to qualify as long as you have proof of income and car ownership. They can help you with title loans with no job

Car Title Loans offers 123 loans for customers in over 40 states. Along with car title loans, they also offer motorcycle title loans, boat title loans, and more.

If your application is approved, you will work with the lender in a process that should not take longer than 30 minutes. When the loan is completely process, you will have access to your funds within 24 hours. Loan terms vary by lender. There are no repayment penalties.

car title loans online lender

745 Cash

This top title lender is only available to consumers in Memphis, Tennessee, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is amongst one of the top rated title lenders in the country. They make it easy to get the cash you need by using your car as collateral and you can do it entirely online.

Even if you do not have a car, you can offer your motorcycle, ATV, boat, RV, or mobile home as collateral as well for loans from $100 to $25,000.

In order to qualify, you must offer your driver’s license, proof of a social security number, a bank statement, verification of your address, and your car’s title. Typically, payment terms last 30 days.

Loan Center Title Loans

This direct lender offers car title loans ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. Interest rates also vary widely – from 35.5 percent to 199.99 percent. Your rate will vary on the term of your loan and the evaluation of your vehicle. Your credit score will also be used to dictate your interest rate. Loan Center does not however offer vehicle title pawns.

What makes this option so great is that you can complete the application online for in just a few minutes. If you are approved, you will find your loan deposited into your account with one business day. There are no prepayment penalties.

American Auto Title Loan

American Auto Title Loan is a small, but major lender in South Carolina that has been operating for over five years. If you have a lien-free title and can prove that you have a steady income, you could qualify for a loan ranging from $601 to $10,000. No credit check will be require to qualify.

Another thing to consider is that American Auto Title Loan is possibly the only lender in South Carolina that fund equity loans in North Carolina as well. They are also known for accepting applications to refinance existing equity loans to help applicants get lower rates or lower monthly payments.

California Title Loans

As the name indicates, this title lender is primarily active in California, but may be able to facilitate funding for title loans in other West Coast states. This is a great option if you are struggling with bad credit, as loan qualification is based on the total equity of your car. Loans range from $2,500 and up and repayment periods usually last from 12 to 40 months.

Upon approval, loan proceeds will be available within one business day. You will need to visit the lender’s physical location to have the car inspected before the loan can be approved and the loan transferred.


If your vehicle is either paid off or close to being paid off, you will likely have a good chance qualifying for a loan at this establishment. They’ve been in business for over a decade and currently serve a number of states in the Southwest with loans that range from $2,000 to $3,010.

In order to qualify, you’ll need to prove that you have a steady income and a vehicle that meets the minimum value requirements.

A great aspect of 1-800-Car-Title-Loan is that they report your payment activity to the credit bureaus. So, if you are timely with your payments and manage your loan responsibly, working with this lender will actually help you improve your current credit score.

Champion Title Loans

Champion Title Loans gives prospective borrowers the choice to apply either online or on the phone with the ultimate goal being same day approval for funding. Your vehicle is required to have less than 100K miles on it. Claims to be available in all states other than New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.

If you are approved for a loan, you can expect to receive the funds within one business day. Repayment period span between 12 and 36 months and there is no pre-payment penalty. You can be approved and get your loan without having to visit the brick and mortar office.

North Eastern Title Loan

This car title lender operates in 20 states and offers instant title same day loans. All you have to do is bring your lien-free vehicle and a copy of your photo idea and you can walk away with a loan within 20 minutes. You can request a quote online, but you will need to visit one of their brick and mortar offices to finalize your loan and retrieve your cash.

They offer loan amounts up to $10,000, but the loan limit does vary depending on the state in which you are borrowing.

Turbo Title Loan

This company offers loans in every state except for Arkansas, Maryland, Maine, New York, West Virginia, Hawaii, and Alaska. In other state’s they are a big lender and are willing to offer loans up to $1,000 for customers with bad credit. Their bad credit loan comes with an interest rate of 10% per month. You can visit the site here

Their interest rates range from 18 percent to 35.99 percent and vary by state. In order to qualify, your car must have a wholesale value of at least $2,500 and cannot be older than 15 years of age.

Today’s Financial Services

This direct lender specializing in auto title loans in Florida determines the value of your loan based on the value of your vehicle.

According to their site, they have been in business in Florida for years. They are currently offering loans anywhere from $500 to $5,0000 and their loans carry a 12-month payment plan.

One added benefit of working with Today’s Financial is that they offer the opportunity to have your loan wired directly to your account.

Ace Cash Express Loans

Ace Cash Express offers car title loans from $100 to $5,000 depending on what state you live in. To qualify for a loan, you must be able to prove that you have a steady source on income and that your vehicle title is clear and lien-free.

They currently serve customers in Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas. Repayment periods vary depending on the loan amount you take out, your location, and the ability to pay the loan back.

Quick Cash Funding

This lender serves customers in the state of California and depending on the value of the vehicle you will qualify for a loan between $2,600 and $50,000 In order to qualify for a loan, your car must have a wholesale value of at least $5,000 to be considered for a loan.

Approval typically takes under 30 minutes and you do not need to have great credit in order to qualify for a loan. Unlike most car title lenders, you will not be required to have paid off your car in full. All you have to do is complete the application online or stop by their brick and mortar office to get the process started. Once you get your loans, you will have 30 days to pay back your loan.

BSL Financial

This establishment has been in business since 1999 and is known for connecting potential borrowers in California to licensed brokers who can meet their car title loan requirements. BSL Financial offers loans anywhere from $2,525 to $25,000. The amount you qualify with will depend on the income at your disposal and your ability to repay, the value of your car will also be considered before your loan is approved.

To qualify, the value of your car must have at least $1,500 in equity. Your monthly income must be over $1,000 and you also have to be registered in California. Beyond that, a credit check will be required, even though bad credit will not necessarily prevent you from taking out a car title loan.

There are so many lender that offer car title loans all across America to the point that it is hard to know which lender is the best choice for you. Whether you’re looking for a big loan, or a small loan, fast cash, or top-of-the-line customer service, the right lender for you is completely dependent on what you value most.

Continue reading this comprehensive list to get a better idea of some of the biggest, best, and most popular car title lenders in the business today.

MaxCash Title Loans

MaxCash claims to be one of the leaders in the title loan industry. It is perhaps best known for its 24/7 customer service and their ability to offer one of the fastest qualification applications in the industry. They offer same day online title loans up to $30K in every state except New Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma. In order to qualify, potential borrowers typically need to own a paid off car that is less than 10 years old.

TFC TitleLoans

TFC TitleLoans is as experienced as it is dependable thanks to the fact that it’s been in business for nearly two decades. In order to qualify, you can’t be in active bankruptcy or in the military, but other than that you are typically able to qualify. Loan payoff terms vary between 24 and 36 months and you will see approval of your loan within an hour.

In order for your car to qualify, you have to prove that you make at least $1,500 a month and will need six references to qualify. You must live in either California, Arizona, or New Mexico to qualify for a loan.

TMG Loan Processing

TMG has spent quite a bit of time as the highest ranked car title loan company at They will work with all types of customers and can loan up to $50K on the same day as you apply for your loan. Potential borrowers are typically approved if you make at least $1,500 a month and have paid off your vehicle in full.

If you need convincing that they are legit as they claim, TMG has a long list of customer referrals on their website and offer utmost privacy and one-on-one service.

Finova Financial

What separates Finova from the pack is their relatively low interest rates (30% APR) compared to competitors. They offer a car equity line of credit and their loan features a 1 year payback plan, same day funding, and no prepayment penalty.

Because of their longer-term payback plan they claim to cost up to 50% less than the current national average. In order to qualify your vehicle must be lien free and you have to prove that you have adequate car insurance. In order to qualify, you must live in either Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Oregon.


This company is great because it offers loans for customers in over 40 states and they claim to be able to lend customers anywhere from $1,000 to $50K. In order to qualify for a loan here you must be able to prove that your employed and your vehicle usually needs to be made after 2001. Along with car title loans, they also offer motorcycle title loans, boat title loans, and more.

Loan Center

Loan Center currently claims to operate in 12 states. They are a direct lender that boasts fast and easy auto title lending. Their loans seem to range from as low as $1,500 all the way up to $50K depending on the status of the potential borrower’s vehicle and their ability to supply proof of income.

Title Loan Alternatives

This company also goes by the name Online Title Loan Champs, and they offer something of a different approach to the auto title loan industry. They claim a much easier approval process by offering something called a leaseback.

A leaseback basically means you are selling your car to the company and leasing it back with the option for you to buy it back. Finance charges are comparable to what you see with credit card rates. It’s an interesting option if the borrower is in need of cash fast and has struggled to get approved for other car title loans, but it is important to do your research before committing and selling your car.

It’s a bit different of an approach to car title lending, but it basically requires the same factors to qualify and can offer the same kind of financial relief.

LoanCenter Title Loans

LoanCenter has been funding online title loans for over a decade, so you know they’re a name you can trust. They have some of the lowest rates in the industry. They will not check your credit to find out what you qualify for. Funds can be made available within 24 hours, but it comes with one specific requirement from the borrower.

The borrower must be able to prove that they make at least $1,500 a month or have a co-signer. After that, you can borrow between $1,500 and $40K. They also offer options to refinance your current car title loan. You can only work with them if you live in Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, or Utah.

Performance Auto Title

This lender operates solely in the Los Angeles Metro area, but if you are one of the millions of residents of LA, it can be a great local option. Performance Auto Title lends between $2,500 and $4,000 depending on the borrower’s car’s equity.

In order to qualify, a borrower must own a vehicle that is worth at least $5,000, is less than 12 years old, and has less than 160K miles on it. If approved, customers can expect to have cash in hand within 48 hours.


Prevalent in the central states of the United States, LoanAutoTitle funds loans up to $50K and you don’t have to worry at all if you have bad credit. This company loans based solely on the equity of your vehicle. LoanAutoTitle can process your loan in as short as 20 minutes and once you are approved for a pink slip loan you are guaranteed to have cash in hand in less than 12 hours.

Auto Cash USA

Another company that has a huge physical presence throughout the country is Auto Cash USA. They claim to have over 500 locations throughout the country. They have provided title loans with interest rates from 36% to 360%. In order to be approved for a loan, applications must provide a clean pink slip with government issued ID. They typically will offer a loan between $300 and $10K.