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Online Car Title Loans In California 

There are many options available to obtain a title loan in the state of California. In fact California is one of the most popular states for a title loan product. 

What will I need for a title loan?

Usually a lender will require photos of the vehicle, your ID, some proof of income and often the title. The lender goes down as the leinholder on the title and the reason for that is so there is security of the loan on your vehicle. In the even of default your vehicle is at risk so make sure that you are aware of your obligations before signing any contract.  Generally there will be age requirements on the vehicle. See Is my vehicle too old for a title loan for moe information on this. Also the milage travelled on your vehicle will be a factor. Lenders prefer to see low mileage vehicles rather than high milage vehicles for a title loan. They will also look at if your vehicle is salvage title, or TMU (True Milage Unknown) or lemon law. Essentially as many lenders are able to finance you in a title loan with no credit check, the quality of the vehicle is of utmost importance. Generally lenders like to see vehicles without accident damage or that do not have any issues and is running correctly and not in need of repair. Also it helps that you have documentation proving yoru income and usually 30 days or so of bank statements also help you secure a low rate on a title loan in california. 


How Long does it take to obtain a Title Loan?

Most of this depends on how organized you are. Many lenders are able to fund withing hours or provide services the same day. Some lenders operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However its important to note that some of your time will be taken up such as by providing the required documentation or even arranging to meet with the lender so that they can prepare your check or cash payment and so you can discuss repayment terms and find a flexible option that works for you. Even if you have no income or are looking for a title loan without a job, there are some lenders that exist that are able to help and support you and provide loan options. Remember though that the less credit worthy you are the higher your interest rate may be, so in order to maximize the chance of receiving a low interest rate title loan, try to have all your minimal documentation ready and prepared. 

TrueFinancial is your lender of choice for an online car title loan in California. Title Loans can be arrange with minimal fuss, low hassle and low documentation. We can help yuo if you say no credit check, and with rapid fast same day funding we help you unlock the value in your vehicle today. We can help with refinances of title loans, and we also do salvage title loans and RV title loans. Also we are ok with bad credit, and we are able to finance most loans in the same day. We have a number of easy ways for you to finance through us and lead the way in making fast, cost effective title loans to help you. Best of all you get to keep your car to enjoy as you usually do.


We have a range of repayment options and can tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. Our experienced consultants are able to obtain a loan quickly and easily and from the comfort of your home. We are able to refinance title loans and provide new title loans to customers throughout northern and southern California. There are a number of different loan options depending on the term, interest rate and amount that you wish to borrow. 


Do I qualify for a auto Title Loan?


If you own your car you qualify. Its that simple. There are some requirements around the dollar size of the loan. For California requirements our minimum loan amount is $2501. We also can refinance your existing title loan. Our Title Loan process is quick, easy and secure. So give us a go and apply today.