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Bad Credit Title Loans with No Credit Check

While credit isn’t necessarily needed for a title loan, it’s important for your financial success. Credit is more than just a card in your wallet. Find out how to get a title loan without the need for a credit check. If you have poor credit or have made mistakes in the past such as bankruptcy, an auto title loan with no credit check may be just what you need. Get the emergency cash you need quickly and fast, often loans are approved the same day and funded into your bank account or provided to qualifying applicants in cash. Credit cards pay a significant role in your establishing a financial record and leads to a bank or financial institution’s trust in your ability to repay a loan. Having a line of credit means that the bank themselves believe you will give back the money you are borrowing. Creating a trustworthy record of on-time payment can help you get lower interest rates when you finance a house, a car, college education or even a title loan.

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One important thing to consider with credit is the debt-to-income ratio which tells the percentage of your total income that goes to debt. A good credit standing benefits you when you sign up for utilities, try to get an apartment or even getting a job. Landlords, employers and even utility companies use credit to determine if you would be a responsible employee, customer or tenant.


This means making the most of your credit means understanding how credit works. The sooner you can control your spend and control your debt, the sooner you will be on the road to financial freedom. Credit ultimately is your reputation for handling borrowed money. Your credit standing will also affect the rules of the loan, whether a title loan or not.  Ultimately credit allows a bank to know how much of a risk there is to lend you money. Once a bank or finance company deems you can be trusted to pay it back, they will determine a fair rate to charge you for borrowing the money known as interest. Typically those with better credit have a lower interest rate as there is a lower risk to borrow to them.

Same Day Emergency Cash Loans for Bad Credit


Your credit means your financial reputation. This means that late or missed payments will reduce your credibility with lenders and make it more difficult to refinance or to otherwise obtain a new loan. Establishing good credit allows a bank or finance company to know that they can trust you to repay a loan of any size. We understand that online title loan applicants don't always have the best of credit.

Your credit score is determine by many factors including location, how long you’ve been borrowing money, how much you have borrowed, how you have paid your bills on time and your debt-to-income ratio. Credit scores range from 300 to 850.


Your credit report will show you the list of items that determine your credit score and give you updated information on all of your credit cards, loans, outstanding bills or medical expenses. It will also include your payment history. There are three separate credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and each will give you a different score. It’s important to look at your credit report regularly to determine if there are any errors on it.


While good credit may not be required for a title loan or pink slip loan with True Financial, it is still important regardless for your financial future. By taking responsibility of your finances and paying on time, you can ensure your success in future loan application processes.

Where can I Get A Car Title Loan with Bad Credit

Ultimately title loan requirements vary state by state. However the process of obtaining one is pretty much the same despite the title loan company or state you reside in. Applicants must fill out basic paperwork and bring a handful of required documents with them during the initial loan application process or they can complete online. We may not require you to have a job. Read more here about same day loans for unemployed applicants.

Bad Credit Online Auto Title Loans

Some required documents include: proof of monthly income, a government-issued ID, current automobile full coverage, current vehicle registration, the title itself and the vehicle being used as collateral. If the title has another owner listed as well, that individual must be present during this process too. Typically a free and clear title is required; however some title loan companies may be willing to work with salvage titles and provide salvage title loans for vehicles in California and in other states. We are specialists in providing loans for vehicles where there are issues with the title. Title loans allow drivers to stay on the road during the loan term as long as they continue to make on-time payments. This guide helps you understand some of the trickier aspects involved in obtaining a title loan.

Online Title Loans without the need for a Credit Check

During a title loan, borrowers can get the cash needed quickly as long as they promise to pay it back with interest on time. In the state of California, applicants must be a minimum of 18 year old with a valid government-issued ID and have a clear title to be eligible. Title loans are easy, convenient and fast. These loans help borrowers to unlock the value in their title and keep them on the road with easy payments. It’s important to understand the loan terms before agreeing upon them.

These types of loans do likely have high interest rates that must be considered before agreeing to the loan terms themselves. Most title loans can be funded in less than just one hour. It’s important to remember and understand that these loans are meant to be short-term so you will be making large payments quickly to the title loan company. Always ask questions regarding payment fees and APR before signing documents.

Car Loans with a bad FICO score

The overall loan process is simple, just hand over the vehicle’s title and get your cash. The title loan company will keep the title until the loan is paid back in full. After that happens, the borrower will receive their title back. Many California title loan companies require full coverage insurance on the vehicle used as collateral at all times to ensure their risk is low. Most title loan applicants will get cash fast, maybe in just one half hour. A good title loan company will believe in offering easy loans to all types of customers when they need it the most. When someone is in a bind, title loans can be one of the best options, regardless of one’s credit, to get money fast. Always research your options before committing to a title loan or any other type of fast money option. Title loans can be great if you need a loan with no income verification such as when you are unemployed and without a job True Financial is able to help you with all aspects of applying for a title loan. We have accessable partner offices through the state of California. You can apply today and be approved fairly quickly to know exactly how much you qualify for and if you are able to utilize your vehicle for a loan.