Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What kind of loans does True Financial offer?

We do Title Loans where you can still keep your car to drive, where the title is held as security for the loan.  Loans are funded same day within the hour.  You will make monthly payments and when you pay your loan entirely no penalty will be assessed.

Do I need to own my car?

Your vehicle will basically need to be paid-off or almost paid off, and have the ability to pay back the loan.

Do I need good credit?

We are able to help people with all different types of credit history. Bad credit is ok, we have help a number of people with bad credit or who have credit issues and are looking to obtain a title loan


What do I need to qualify for a title loan from True Financial?

We have a application process and is quick and easy.  A short list of documents are required and a TF representative can disscuss with you.  You will have funds as in little as an hour.   


Will I be able to obtain a loan if I’m not currently employed?

Yes.  We will need to know how you will have the means to make your payments, know that True Financial is here to help and get you back on the right track.  

Does it affect my loan approval if I’m retired or on disability?

No, it does not.  You will have to show that you are able to re-pay the loan.

What documents will be needed for a title loan?

You will need to provide us with basic loan documents like:  a valid Driver License, proof of residency, proof of income, personal references, proof of insurance, and a copy of the title/registration to the vehicle.


What, if any, additional fees may I occur during the duration of the loan?

There is a $15 late fee for payments and $375 – $400 in repo fees in the event of a repossession (dependent on repo company used).  We do not like fees as we are sure you feel the same way, so we never charge a processing fee for payments processed over the phone or online.  

Do I need a bank account to get approved or to obtain a title loan?

No you do not.  If you are self-employed we may ask to see a bank statement.  If you do have a bank account let us know as that can make it easy for you to receive your loan funds.

How much would I be able to borrow?

The minimum loan in the state of CA is $2510 and up.  Our Maximum is $50,000

How do I get a hold of someone at True Financial?

Call us at 877-572-TRUE (877-572-8783)


How do I obtain the title to my car once it’s paid off?

After you have paid off your title loan, True Financial will release the lien on your vehicle after 15 business days from the payoff date.  The title will then be sent to the most current address we have on file for you via regular mail.  If your title is release electronically then DMV will send you the title via regular mail to the current address you have reported with them.

If I have filed for bankruptcy, will that hurt my chances of getting approved for a title loan?

A previous Bankruptcy that has been discharged will not keep you from moving forward, however a skilled loan specialist is ready to assist you to help you determine if you qualify for the title loan.


Is there a pre-payment penalty?

True Financial does not charge a pre-payment penalty.  You can pay off the loan at any time without being penalized.  We can provide strategies for you to help pay your loan off as quickly as possible.

How do I know when my payments are due?

We provide full documentation as well as explain to you on the phone when payments are due and how you can pay. The Promissory Note and Security Agreement (contract) you sign will disclose payment dates.  Also an amortization schedule will be given at the time of funding.

How secure is my personal information?

The security of your information is very important to us here at True Financial and here is what we do to protect your information:

*We comply with all federal and state laws to ensure we are protecting your privacy.

*We shred any paperwork we have with customer information when it’s no longer needed.

*When a form is filled out on our Web site your browser and click the submit button, the information you entered is first encrypted while it is on your computer and then sent to our web server computers.  

*See our Privacy Policy for more information regarding the privacy of your information.

Do you put a tracking device on your customer’s cars?

We do not put tracking devices on all our customer’s cars.  Your loan officer will let you know if this will be a requirement at the time you apply.  We will not shut down your vehicle in the event of a missed payment.